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Mounting Guide Mounting Guide

It is strongly recommended to use swedish QuickTech System to mount glass blocks inside buildings.
System is clean and safe during fixing painted glass blocks.


Keep in mind that you have fresh painted glass blocks.

Installation with QuickTech 10 - first day.
QuickTech 10 contains 300 ml of glue and 4 pcv bars 965mm long. Installation starts from base. Measure the bar for lenght of 2 blocks. Mind 5mm gab between blocks.
Cut the bar. Put glue on the bar.
Reverse bar into the base. Push the bar into the base.
Put the glue for the first blocks. Put the glue on the block either.
Put the blocks to the bar and push it. Put the glue on the side of the block and add the vertical bar.
Put the glue on the bottom... ...and on the side.
Add the glue on the bottom and side of blocks and put it on the bars. Cut 2 bars for 1 block lenght each.
Add the glue on the top of the block... ...and on the bar.
Put the bar to the block and push a little. Add the glue on the bars and block again. Mount the block.
The wall is ready.  
Putting the grout - secound day

What we need:
- Mapei Ultracolor Plus grout
- sponge for grouting
- empty silicone or adhesive tube
- caulking gun
- paper towel
- bowl
- water

Add 4 pieces of grout and 1 piece of water to the bowl.
Mix it well. Mixed grout put into the empty tube and cover with the piston. Put the tube onto the caulking gun.
Put the grout exactly into the speces between blocks. Finish the grout with sponge. It is better to use bigger sponge for grouting.
Remove the grout from painted block immediately using the paper towel. Wall must be cleaned well. Now let it dry.

You can use window cleaner and soft wiper to clean the surface.

Painted Glass Block treated with shower:
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